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[edit] Me


I'm known on Bookcrossing as Phoenix-Flight. Compared to my Dad, I know a lot about computers and how to operate them. Compared to you guys, I know diddly squat. Moem convinced me to join her and some other friends on this trip. I'm looking forward to it, and I assume you'll be finding me in the kitchen cooking, at my village labelling books or in some other harmless place ;)

I'll be staying at this village. I'll be arriving early, around August 1st, helping out building the camp in the most low-tech possible way.

Oh yeah, I'm also told I Rule Anyway, because I'm a nitwit-girl who's willing to go to CCC :P

Strong points: Reading, Writing, Verbal Communication, Fun.

Weak points: Anything on a computer which exceeds turning it on and checking mail.

[edit] Memories and thank yous

Addition on August 20th 2007: I had a fantastic time, thanks everyone who contributed to it. Still trying to catch up on my lack of sleep, that's a good sign. Never imagined I'd be working on laying fibers for the network. Beats cooking for sure, even though making pancakes for all the angels was a wonderful experience. So it wasn't a harmless place where you could find me, or the most low-tech possible. Yay for new experiences and new people!! Thank yous to those who made it memorable, I assume you know who you are. Hint: If I talked to you and we had fun, you're on my list! Feel free to contact me, you probably know how to :)

Good memories: (incomplete, can't list them all)

  • laying fibers
  • walking around the bunker
  • making pancakes with my friends for the angels
  • tiny little mouse
  • being an angel
  • climbing trees
  • giggling at warning signs -DO NOT WANT-
  • being introduced to Club-Mate
  • seeing the camp site slowly filling up with people
  • lying around in the hammocks
  • Meeting new friends
  • nerdmassage workshop
  • bookcrossing workshop
  • pretending to be a butterfly
  • eating fresh plums
  • campfires
  • waterhoses
  • babysitting
  • being invited all over campsite by random people
  • seeing the sun rise
  • sitting on top of a shelter at midnight looking at all the lights and people walking by (before the warning signs were up:P)
  • Lenin, decorated
  • shooting stars
  • Last but definitely not least: meeting you ;)
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