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Unloading at 29c3? Go to Tiergartenstraße 2!

If you’re unloading a vehicle with equipment or other stuff you plan to use at the 29c3, put Tiergartenstraße 2, 20355 Hamburg in your GPS.  Head to Eingang A Eingang C and check with the Angel or Security Guard inside for further instructions.  Please use this entry only for loading and unloading.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

How to build a 6k user WLAN in 4 days

(Images courtesy Attilla De Groot)

And yes, the WiFi is currently working at the CCH.

Lightning Talk Format Changes for 29c3

Yes, there is still time to submit your LT! Check out the wiki for more details!

As usual, there will be three sessions of lightning talks at the 29c3.  Because of the volume and style of submissions received so far, we’ll have a standard round of 5 minute lightning talks on each day.  However, we’ll still have a Pecha Kucha round in the first half of Day 3 as well as introducing a round of FOSDEM style 15-minute lightning talks on Day 4.

Thanks to all the workshops and assemblies, the LT schedule is already filling up much faster than any previous congress.  If you’d like to get your 5, 6 2/3rds or 15 minutes of fame in, submit your Lightning Talk proposal before you arrive in Hamburg!

Day -3: Pictures from the CCH

(Photo Courtesy Elmar Lecher)

While many of you are celebrating with your friends and family, there are a few dozen nerds hard at work setting up the CCH for the congress.  Here are some pictures from the first day of setup at the CCH.  Merry Christmas!

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Don’t forget to bring presents to the 29c3!

UntitledAs many of you begin making your final preparations to head to the 29c3, take a moment to check out the Tools Page marketplace on the wiki.

Is there something you can’t easily or inexpensively get that someone could bring to 29c3 for you? Make a request! There’s already some items hard to find here in Germany such as:

You can help make the 29c3 special for you and a fellow nerd by grabbing one or more of these items!

As well, if you’ve got some things taking up space in your home or Hackerspace, feel free to list those items to give away and perhaps suggest what you’d like to bring to trade in Hamburg!

Tickets ready for download

Your ticket is ready for download and print at

Please print the PDFs and bring the paper with you. Cashdesks will open in the night before day one.

Update: Now it’s also possible to download tickets as Passbook files.

29C3 Party Mode

After PartyWe already told you about talks, workshops and assemblies at 29C3, but it seems we didn’t talk about parties by now. So it’s about time to do so.

On location we will have two main spots. There will be a tent in front of CCH with DJs and live sets. Music will be on from 4 pm to 6 am every day. Since smoking won’t be allowed at all inside CCH the tent will also be a place where people are allowed to ruin their health. The second spot will be a chillout area at top level of CCH which we call Ten Forward. This one will have relaxed sounds – both, electronic and accoustic sets.

At 30th of December right after the last talk we will have an After Party at a very cool spot called Universum Alltona, starting at 8 pm. Join your fellow raving hackers and enjoy some wicked sets from Dr. Motte, Fannie Mae & Carsten Plug, Neal White and David & Klein. There will be food, drinks and also an ambient floor. People with a 4-day-pass will get free entry. The Universum can be found at Amalia-Rodrigues-Weg 6, S-Bahn station Diebsteich just 3 stops away into direction Elbgaustraße. As a goody we will also offer an old American school bus as a convenient shuttle between CCH and Universum from 7:30 to 12 pm for free.

For people heading to Berlin right after 29C3 our friends at c-base are also going to have a party as usual.

Low-cost sleeping at 29C3: The Gym

We recommend getting a place to sleep during the congress early. There are various possibilities. If you can afford it, getting a hotel room is probably the best, with a real bed and a real shower. If you are lucky enough to have friends in Hamburg you can bother between Christmas and New Year, getting a couch to crash on may also be neat. Now, what if you don’t happen to have these options? Then the gym is for you.

The gym is only one railway station away from the congress venue. Staying there will cost you 5 Euro per night. You can buy tickets at the entrance of the CCH where you also buy other tickets. And please buy them there before you head for the gym: Showing up at the gym without a valid ticket won’t get you a place to sleep. As usual you can buy tickets only just for the next night. The gym is open from December 26th from around 6pm and you must checked out before noon on December, 30th, the latest. Bring your own sleeping bags and mats and enjoy showers there with the other guests, just like in school after P.E. — fun!

We want to stress that the gym is one of the parts that make the congress different from a “normal, commercial” conference. The 5 Euro we take will not cover our costs. Economically, this doesn’t make sense. However, we understand that a relevant part of our audience fall into the “young, gifted, and penniless” category and the congress wouldn’t be the same if we wouldn’t offer something for them.

Update: The gym will open until 31st of Dezember, *not* 30th.

Congress everywhere

Our last conferences did not only take place in Berlin: In over 20 countries and close to a hundred cities around the world, hackers and friends digitally joined the crowd in bcc to enjoy lectures in the cozy atmosphere of their local hacker space.

Although we’ve moved to Hamburg, finally giving us the room to invite all interested volunteers and participants, there’s still various reasons to experience the congress from a safe distance. Family, job, travel expenses or just a desire to kickstart your local hacker community, if you feel like participating in our “congress everywhere” experiment, add the address and a time frame to our wiki page.

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