29C3: Not my department (2012)

WTF are “Shared Spaces”?

In this blogpost we introduce you to the new concept of shared spaces that can be found among the assemblies.

An earlier blogpost introduced you to the concept of workshops run by assemblies.

These assemblies already registered seats for themselves and requested optional “special seats” specifically for workshops.

We assigned seats to every assembly that registered on time.  Fortunately, we had more than enough seats to fulfill all requests.   In order to effectively utilize the extra space and help foster a greater sense of community, we created “shared spaces”.  These spaces are clearly marked signs hung from the ceiling or placed on the corresponding tables.

Feel free to use those shared places for:

  • Your assembly’s workshop
  • Just sitting down if you’re looking for a seat

If you have an assembly you designated the number of seats you needed for your group, plus the number of seats required for your workshops.   We took the additional seating required for workshops into account when creating the shared spaces.   Seats assigned to your assembly are yours for the duration of the 29c3.

However, you will need to coordinate the use of the shared spaces with neighboring assemblies.   Assemblies with scheduled workshops always take priority.  The shared spaces are free unless there is a scheduled workshop taking place.

If your assembly is planning a workshop that requires the use of the shared space, please make sure to properly reserve it well in advance.  The best way to reserve it the shared space is to place a sign on the table clearly stating when your workshops will take place.  (This will also help attendees know where your workshops are.)  If you are using the shared space prior to a workshop, please make sure to leave with enough time for the workshop to set up.  As well, once you’re done with your workshop, please tidy up and leave the shared space as you would like to find it.

Abuse & Harassment Reporting at 29c3

The Chaos Computer Club is committed to providing a safe and comfortable experience for everybody attending our events, regardless of age, gender, sexual orientation, race, physical appearance or disability. We do not tolerate harassment of participants of the Congress in any form.

If you are getting harassed at the 29c3, dial 113 from any DECT phone to reach the awareness, anti-conflict, de-escalation team.  See the 29c3 Anti-Harassment Policy on the wiki for the latest details.

If your network is getting harassed from the 29c3, see the RIPE entry for the Abuse reporting hotline.  More information is available in the Network entry on the wiki.


Unloading at 29c3? Go to Tiergartenstraße 2!

If you’re unloading a vehicle with equipment or other stuff you plan to use at the 29c3, put Tiergartenstraße 2, 20355 Hamburg in your GPS.  Head to Eingang A Eingang C and check with the Angel or Security Guard inside for further instructions.  Please use this entry only for loading and unloading.

We’re looking forward to seeing you in Hamburg!

Lightning Talk Format Changes for 29c3

Yes, there is still time to submit your LT! Check out the wiki for more details!

As usual, there will be three sessions of lightning talks at the 29c3.  Because of the volume and style of submissions received so far, we’ll have a standard round of 5 minute lightning talks on each day.  However, we’ll still have a Pecha Kucha round in the first half of Day 3 as well as introducing a round of FOSDEM style 15-minute lightning talks on Day 4.

Thanks to all the workshops and assemblies, the LT schedule is already filling up much faster than any previous congress.  If you’d like to get your 5, 6 2/3rds or 15 minutes of fame in, submit your Lightning Talk proposal before you arrive in Hamburg!

Day -3: Pictures from the CCH

(Photo Courtesy Elmar Lecher)

While many of you are celebrating with your friends and family, there are a few dozen nerds hard at work setting up the CCH for the congress.  Here are some pictures from the first day of setup at the CCH.  Merry Christmas!

Saal 1, Courtesy Elmar Lecher

Saal 6, the smallest of the three lecture halls

One of the rooms where Assemblies will take place

The Bar at 10 Forward

One of many comfy DiskoSofas throughout 10 Forward

The Garderobe, soon to be filled with the coats of thousands of nerds

How we plan to keep 400 Engels working throughout the 29c3.

Apparently, the MOC runs the GSM Network

Professionally mounted DECT Network hardware.

The NOC, unpacked

Did we ever get Dashboard working?

Don’t forget to bring presents to the 29c3!

UntitledAs many of you begin making your final preparations to head to the 29c3, take a moment to check out the Tools Page marketplace on the wiki.

Is there something you can’t easily or inexpensively get that someone could bring to 29c3 for you? Make a request! There’s already some items hard to find here in Germany such as:

You can help make the 29c3 special for you and a fellow nerd by grabbing one or more of these items!

As well, if you’ve got some things taking up space in your home or Hackerspace, feel free to list those items to give away and perhaps suggest what you’d like to bring to trade in Hamburg!