The recordings are available in different video- and audio-formats. Please choose a mirror below.

  • The MP4 files may contain multiple audio tracks. Every german talk also has an english translation audio track. This is also indicated by the filename.

All recorded lectures in three main halls and one workshop recording are released now. Follow @c3streaming on twitter to get up to date information.

Joining the effort to provide subtitles for ALL the lecture videos.


Most of the recordings are now available from media.ccc.de, the official CCC media archive.

Official mirrors

These mirrors sync directly from the main FeM-mirror. If you want an fast download experience the usage of a BitTorrent client is recommended.

Additional mirrors

If you like to download the videos via BitTorrent, you can use the rss feed (works for example with ĀµTorrent).

These mirrors sync from Official mirrors.

inoffical streamdumps

This streamdumps are meant for the time till the official recordings are published. It doesn't make sense to download them all for later viewing.

  • http://29c3.ipv6only.org/ (1 gbit/s, IPv6 only, wmv dumps reencoded to h264/mp3, mkv container)
    • rsync://29c3.ipv6only.org/29c3


Single Photos

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