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The wiki works for you!

The Chaos Communication Congress lives off your participation and engagement. It is an event for the community by the community. In the long and colorful tradition of utter chaos, we foster decentralization and self-organization. In an attempt to offer some orientation and coordination, we keep a wiki.

The wiki works for you (and everyone else, we hope!) to find information about congress, but its main purpose is enabling you to contribute and make congress work for everyone.

The 33c3 Wiki is now online, you can enter Assemblies and share useful information.
(Registration for self-organized sessions will open in some time)

If you just want to have a look around for now, the FAQ page is a good entry point.
Also, the startpage lists and links to lots of relevant info.

We are trying to organize each C3-Conference as decentralized as possible, so this is one of the multiple bits where everyone can participate and contribute. Please go ahead, it’s a wiki!

Please note that the deadline for submitting your Assembly is (as usual) the 1st of December at 23:59 CET.

Wiki is online; start entering Assemblies and Projects!

We are proud to announce that the wiki for the 32nd Chaos Communication Congress is up-and-running, please go ahead and participate!

If you want to announce and coordinate your assembly space, please apply soon.

Please be aware of the deadline on 1st of December. This already is in three two weeks!

See you there.

Sat June 20th: day of deadlines :)

It’s getting June, and August is coming fast. If you are not already totally into the planning of your village, we recommend to invite for planning meetings right now! We need your final numbers, ideas and plans in two weeks already!

1. Fill out and complete the village form!

Please note that we made some changes to the first version, so please re-check your entries! One important change is an unlucky wording: There is not the option of having „public“ bars or kitchen as in „you can sell things to the public“. With that question we tried to find out if you are providing space at your village for others (the „public“) to hang around.

2. Decide what you want to rent!

You can rent tents with wooden floors, which will be ready to move in by your time of arrival. If you want to have chairs and tables at your village, you can get them from us, too. Tents come in different sizes and variants, check the wiki for details. Please send an email with tent size, number of chairs and tables and your billing address to camp2015-orga(at)cccv.de until June, 20th.


Wiki Signup enabled: You can start contributing now!

The rocket is about to start and you can start preparing your congress. Add your assemblies, hacktivities and projects, contribute with most recent information on travel and accomodation – we are looking forward to have you!

Again the wiki is stuffed with semantic connection in between the sites, so please use the forms to make those connections happen!


During all the years there were really great workshops at the Chaos Communication Congress. Unfortunately they were a bit hard to find, because we only announced them in the wiki and some workshops weren’t in there either. So it is clear, that the lack of attendees in some workshops was surely not because of uninteresting topics but merely because of our laziness to make them easier to find.

Our approach to that problem is to ask all visitors who want to give a workshop at 27C3 to hand it in before the conference so we can release an official schedule for workshops before day 1 of the congress.

We should have enough time and rooms so there is hopefully no need for rejecting a workshop proposal unless you:

  • simply hand in a rejected talk as a workshop (a workshop is not meant to be a lecture)
  • simply want to sell a product (selling a kit for the workshop for a fair price is OK, of course)
  • forget to at least fill out the Title, Abstract and Description fields in the submission interface (so that visitors know what skills and what tools they need and whether you provide them, price of needed components, etc).

If your talk submission got accepted and the workshop depends on your talk, please drop a note so that we can schedule your workshop after your lecture.

Fellows who already handed in a workshop during the talk submission phase (and whose submission has the state “candidate” in Pentabarf) should find their submission also in the new submission interface. Ingenious, we know ;)

To submit a workshop for the conference please visit:

If you have further questions that can’t wait ’til the end of December, you can comment here or include your question in the
Workshop-ALOAQ (At least once asked questions) page in the wiki.

Please note that there is also the possibility to do a workshop in the “Makers”-Room in the basement and/or at other tables in the BCC.

Sorry to say that, but even when doing a workshop, you still need a ticket to buy a normal ticket.

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