The wiki works for you!

The Chaos Communication Congress lives off your participation and engagement. It is an event for the community by the community. In the long and colorful tradition of utter chaos, we foster decentralization and self-organization. In an attempt to offer some orientation and coordination, we keep a wiki.

The wiki works for you (and everyone else, we hope!) to find information about congress, but its main purpose is enabling you to contribute and make congress work for everyone.

The 33c3 Wiki is now online, you can enter Assemblies and share useful information.
(Registration for self-organized sessions will open in some time)

If you just want to have a look around for now, the FAQ page is a good entry point.
Also, the startpage lists and links to lots of relevant info.

We are trying to organize each C3-Conference as decentralized as possible, so this is one of the multiple bits where everyone can participate and contribute. Please go ahead, it’s a wiki!

Please note that the deadline for submitting your Assembly is (as usual) the 1st of December at 23:59 CET.