Low-cost sleeping at 29C3: The Gym

We recommend getting a place to sleep during the congress early. There are various possibilities. If you can afford it, getting a hotel room is probably the best, with a real bed and a real shower. If you are lucky enough to have friends in Hamburg you can bother between Christmas and New Year, getting a couch to crash on may also be neat. Now, what if you don’t happen to have these options? Then the gym is for you.

The gym is only one railway station away from the congress venue. Staying there will cost you 5 Euro per night. You can buy tickets at the entrance of the CCH where you also buy other tickets. And please buy them there before you head for the gym: Showing up at the gym without a valid ticket won’t get you a place to sleep. As usual you can buy tickets only just for the next night. The gym is open from December 26th from around 6pm and you must checked out before noon on December, 30th, the latest. Bring your own sleeping bags and mats and enjoy showers there with the other guests, just like in school after P.E. — fun!

We want to stress that the gym is one of the parts that make the congress different from a “normal, commercial” conference. The 5 Euro we take will not cover our costs. Economically, this doesn’t make sense. However, we understand that a relevant part of our audience fall into the “young, gifted, and penniless” category and the congress wouldn’t be the same if we wouldn’t offer something for them.

Update: The gym will open until 31st of Dezember, *not* 30th.