Knowing that many people with the willingness to get their hands on some hardware will come to the Congress, we should have a place for them to meet and arrange the deals. Stuff could ordered online of course, but for EU people that would mean paying a huge customs tax, plus depending on the country also possibly spending a full day doing the paperwork.

This page is mostly intended for arranging deals before the Congress. If you are able to bring some of these tools along, please let the respective person know, so they can remove themselves from the list and both of you can work out the details.

So, if you want to get your hands on some hackable stuff, please sign up here.

It also helps to add a link to whatever you're asking for, to make sure you get exactly what you want.

Item Comment Max price pcs Contact Got it
USB InfraRed Toy V2 I'll buy new or used. 24USD 1 9929 no
Metal Shears nuthin', just 5 Minutes of usage needed nuthin', just 5 Minutes of usage needed 1 dualdrinker@gmail.com, GSM 9045 no
Twinkies! Boxes of 'em trade for Mate 2-3 DECT 3224 no
Even More Twinkies! Boxes of 'em trade for Mate 2-3 User:ScottyTM no
Snyder's Jalapeño Pretzel Pieces trade for Mate or money (they're really expensive here!) ~10 bags 29c3@the-compiler.org / DECT CMPL no
Virtual Machines Bring your server! Handshake A few Astro no
OpenBenchLogicSniffer+2cables ver 1.04 preffered 70USD 1 9929 no
BusPirate 3.6 or 4 +probes&case 35USD 1 9929 no
Grid-It Bundle as seen here retail price plus potential shipping, make it 50€ tops 1 towo@koeln.ccc.de no
r0cket badge From last year 50€ 1 huertanix no
Ranch Dressing Bottle trade for Mate 1 User:voin no
RTL-SDR compatible DVB-T Stick with E4000 Tuner $30 1 User:Andy2 no
RTL-SDR compatible DVB-T Stick with E4000 Tuner $0x1f 1 User:Mazzoo no
a decent craft brewed IPA (or Orval--you hear me guys from Belgium!?) (not Sierra Nevada---I got that already) $3-5, could trade for German beers 1-2 User:dd no
Looking for Proxmark III like this lets talk 1 User:M93Hornet no
Lenovo Thinkpad X201 display cable FRU 44C9991; like this one up to 30 EUR 1 User:Bier no
Lockpicking kit For padlocks <=20€ / each 1-2 User:etu no
9V Block (FULL!) As Replacement for my empty one. 1 Mate 1 29c3@e7p.de User:Endres at /dev/tal Assembly (ground floor near the NOC Helpdesk) or GSM 9377 yes
Raspberry PI+Case+SD (for Sale) 54€ full kit >10 GSM: WUFF User:pcdog yes
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