Day -3: Pictures from the CCH

(Photo Courtesy Elmar Lecher)

While many of you are celebrating with your friends and family, there are a few dozen nerds hard at work setting up the CCH for the congress.  Here are some pictures from the first day of setup at the CCH.  Merry Christmas!

Saal 1, Courtesy Elmar Lecher

Saal 6, the smallest of the three lecture halls

One of the rooms where Assemblies will take place

The Bar at 10 Forward

One of many comfy DiskoSofas throughout 10 Forward

The Garderobe, soon to be filled with the coats of thousands of nerds

How we plan to keep 400 Engels working throughout the 29c3.

Apparently, the MOC runs the GSM Network

Professionally mounted DECT Network hardware.

The NOC, unpacked

Did we ever get Dashboard working?