Little big Dragons

Little big Dragons

Day 2 of the Congress is in full course, tickets are completely sold out and next to the talk in the three big halls many other activities can be found in halls and workshop rooms. Several Blogs have entries about what happened so far: with a summary of Day 1, with already several articles (in German) and Fruto del Caos (Spanish). Please add your blogs to the blog page so it can be part of the aggregated conference news feed!

Update: more reports are popping up in blogs. Since most people publish more than one article, I’ll just name the blogs that have the details (please add more in the comments): Qbi, Open Data Network, Netzpolitik, Brainweich, Manu bloggt, Testgebiet Unintended Purpose, Adrians Blog. More 26c3 feeds are at A video of a singing Tesla coil can be seen at Evil Daystar! “Verkabelt” have published their views on the first day as an audio podcast (in German).

The talks in the big halls are drawing a lot of attention, but many exciting things are taking place also in the basement and in workshop rooms. The Congress Radio is recording interviews. Several phone options are set up specifically for the four days: the Phone Operating Centre is running a mobile DECT system and phone infrastructure. In addition, there is a cellular phone network, set up and operated including the necessary license to make phone calls within the 26c3 mobile and DECT networks. Find the mobile phone operators in Room C04 if you have questions.

Many workshops offer topics such as Podcasting Developer Workshop, Meditation for hackers or Haecksen breakfast (the women’s network within the CCC). Projects meet and present their work, in addition during the Lightning Talks new ideas and projects have four minutes to give an overview of what they’re doing and – more important – what kind of support they’re looking for.

By Anne Roth, guest-blogging for CCC