25C3: Nothing to hide (2008)

An update on the ticket situation

The 25C3 twitter has been abuzz with questions regarding the ticket situation. We hope this post answers your most pressing concerns.

  • If you are traveling to the conference from outside of Europe you will get a ticket. We know many of you were affected by snowstorms in the Midwestern USA and we will be saving tickets for you.
  • If you are already en route to the Congress, we will have tickets available for you.
  • Otherwise, please do not travel to the Congress if you have not yet left.
  • Approximately 3,000 tickets for the entire conference have been sold. The exact number will be available on Day 4 during closing ceremonies.
  • Day tickets will be available, but in limited quantities. The cash desk will open at 08:00 and close at 02:00 (2 AM) every day. (This is for those of you who need tickets to the gym.)

Please leave a comment here or write an @25C3 response on Twitter with any other questions you may have and we will try to answer them in as timely a fashion as possible. For those of you here at the bcc with us, we hope you enjoy the most popular congress ever! As was said at the hackerspaces panel, be excellent to each other!

Lost in Interpretation …

This year, we will continue a tradition started last year with the “spontaneous simultaneous” interpretation of the Hacker Jeopardy. As of tomorrow, we will interpret one event in Saal 1 each day.

On day 2, we will give it a try with the Fnord News Show (11pm). On day 3, we will continue with the traditional Hacker Jeopardy (11pm as well). This is always a lot of fun for the participants, the audience, and the interpreters as well. On day 4, the finale will be the Security Nightmares 2009 at 4:30 pm.

If you would rather listen to bad English than perfect German, you can dial in to 8101 using your DECT phone. Your team of hobby simultaneous interpreters (volty, ixs and alech) will try to make the talks more understandable to you—if that’s possible at all :-) For the Hacker Jeopardy, we recommend to follow the interpretation from outside the lecture hall, because otherwise the funny bits will be hard to understand on the phone while people are rolling on the floor, laughing.

Formica: a swarm of robots

Imagine a swarm of small insect-like robots crawling around at the Congress (YouTube video). At least, about 20 of them will do so on stage in hall 3 on day 2 at 18:30. They are part of Formica, an open-source hard and software project about very affordable small robots initiated by a group of students from Southampton University. One of them, Jeff Gough, has brought his robot farm here. His hands-on approach combines electronics, mechanics and art and since it is completely open, everybody is invited to participate and produce more crawling robots.

Hungry? Try the Pre-Event Dinner!

Don’t worry, there will also be vegetarian options available.

If you’re in Berlin, why not get a head start on meeting fellow congress attendees at the Pre-Event Dinner at Maredo in Berlin-Mitte. We have 65 seats reserved under a heated atrium.

Arriving a little later? From 21:30 (that’s 9:30 PM) there is an all-you-can eat Late-Night special on the excellent salad buffet for only 3.50 euro!

After dinner, we’ll all head over to get our tickets for tomorrow! Please register here or call +49 179 3966141 for more information!

The spaceship has landed at the 25C3!

The spaceship has landed at the 25C3!

The spaceship has landed, a nice gentle coating of fairy dust has fallen on the bcc and the groundwork for the 25C3 is nearing completion! Here are a couple of quick updates and helpful hints:

  • The wireless internet is up and running. (We’re blogging from it now!)
  • Follow the 25C3 Twitter for the latest news and updates.
  • We strongly recommend that you purchase your ticket TODAY. The cash desk is open!
  • This year, there are two lines to purchase tickets. If you are purchasing a regular ticket, use the Fast Line. If you are not purchasing a regular ticket, use the Regular Line.
  • Become an angel! Sign up for an account in the Angel system
  • Don’t forget to register your DECT phone. Don’t have one? Rumor on the street has it that DECT phones can be obtained at the Saturn on the Alexanderplatz for only 16 euro! More details coming soon.

Fahrplan: A small gift for today …

… some already asked for it: The Fahrplan (schedule) as a handy A4-sized PDF for print-outs (fold it in the middle). So you can now use the lonely moments under the Christmas tree to figure out what lectures to attend – even without using a computer.

But there is no need to get your printer-drivers back to working – a print-out will be waiting for you at the entrance of 25C3.

Preview of the Proceedings

To give you an idea on the “look’n’feel” and the wonderful arrangement of the contents, we compiled a small PDF-Preview of the Proceedings (2,5 MB, Acrobat 4.0). It contains front- & backcover, indexes, lecture-pages and the beginning the paper section.

Download PDF-Preview (2,5 MB)

The Proceedings will be for sale from the day congress starts for 23 Euros at the Information Desk (and via online-order afterwards as well).

Cause I want to provide a proper PDF of the whole Proceedings (including a structured PDF-index), I have to stave you off in the expectation that the final PDF will be ready before the congress ends. (Besides; you get all the information via the Fahrplan, so it’s just useful as a print-out, which is for sale from the beginning of 25C3.)