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Bre and Astera practicing for their Kartoffelpuffer workshop

Bre and Astera practicing for their Kartoffelpuffer workshop

In addition to the great talks and scheduled events, there are really great workshops that any person, group, or transnational delegation can host at the 25C3. If you’ve been to a BarCamp, you’ll feel right at home in a workshop. They’re another way to actively participate in the 25C3!

Best of all, there’s still lots of room! Take that talk, project or idea you’ve been thinking about and turn it into a really awesome workshop! There’s lots of prime time space available in Meeting Room C04 and lots of off-hours time still available in A03. If you plan to have a workshop, please send a mail to the content crew with the title of your workshop, a short description, contact info, preferred date and a page in the wiki with all the specifics.

The current lineup of workshops shows the awesome diversity of topics and interests you’ll find at the 25C3:

  • Did you know that recent studies have shown 2/3rds of the information obtained by intelligence agencies is freely available over the net? Find out more at the Public Intelligence Workshop
  • Never be lost again, for there’s a group building a free street-map of the world. The Open Street Map Workshop will show you how to join in on the mapping fun!
  • Learn more about building a universal web tool for total citizen participation in public affairs at a Liquid Democracy XP workshop.
  • Learn more about how ISPs shape and route your content, and learn how to build your own transparent squid proxy at the Bastard ISPs from Hell workshop
  • Hack your Canon Digital camera at the CHDK Workshop
  • Find out how you can “see” your network metrics better at the Davix Visualization Bootcamp

Also…do you have a hot tip on a party at the 25C3? Want to know more about a speaker at the 25C3? Miffed we didn’t mention you here? Got other ideas or questions? Leave a comment, or send an @reply or DM the 25C3 on twitter and we’ll get you up on the blog!