Workshops: Build incredibly cool things at the 25C3!

Workshops: Build incredibly cool things at the 25C3!

Looking at the schedule, you can see the 25C3 has an incredible lineup of talks on a wide range of topics from wearable computing to preserving fictional former Soviet Republics. (Yes, there’s even a talk on pornography.)

Yet talks are hardly the only thing going on at the 25C3. In addition to wonderful displays of Art & Beauty, there’s going to be lots of making going on! At the 25C3, everyone from soldering masters to hardware hacking virgins will be able to build projects of all shapes, sizes and complexity.

Even if you’ve never touched a soldering iron, you can drop by the Hardware Hacking Area and get into doing cool things with microcontrollers! Build something that relaxes your brain, turns off annoying tvs with the click of a button, or just have fun making cool blinky leds!

If you’re a coder who wants to get into microcontroller hardware, check out the Game Kit Workshop and build your own MIGNON. This open source device is perfect for beginning hardware hackers and is a great platform to write cool games for!

For those of you who have a few speed soldering championships under your belt, why not go for something really big? You’ll not only get to see the quadrocopter in action at the 25C3, you’ll have a chance to build your own at the Build a Quadrocopter Workshop. A real UAV you can fly outside the bcc only takes five hours to build! Complete kits for for the Microkopters will be available at the workshop.