Stay connected at the 25C3 with Eventphone!

_“Once upon a time, there were two young hackers attending HAL. They brought along their phone switch. As occupants of neighboring tents realized they could participate in yet another means of communication, the phone network expanded rapidly.

Whoever thought hackers were socially isolated nerds would have been contradicted instantly at this point. From here on, numerous European hacker gatherings have benefited from a reliable phone network, both for fun and event organization.”

How can you stay in contact with your friends at the 25C3? Get in touch with a project or workshop? Call back home for free? Instantly summon help from angels? Even preview talks going on in other rooms? Simple! Get a cordless DECT phone and connect to the Eventphone network!

Many attendees of CCC events find these cordless phones incredibly handy. Where cell phone service is expensive or possibly not always available (like the Hackcenter), DECT phones help keep people in touch. Of course, they’re also another opportunity to create cool and useful projects.

“There are even rumors of detailed DECT hacks to be presented during the conference,” says Sascha, one of the coordinators of this year’s Phone Operations Center, or POC. “Just keep your eyes and ears open.”

Even if you don’t have a DECT phone from previous congresses, you can still register your 4 digit extension for the 25C3. Every DECT phone must be registered at the POC in order to be connected.

“The registration process is significantly faster for pre-registered numbers,” says Sascha.

If you need to pick up a DECT phone, you can pick up an Eventphone compatible model at the MediaMarkt across the street from the 25C3. You can even connect your own asterisk server from the home or office to the eventphone network. Imagine getting calls from your house phone while at the 25C3 for free!

All this really cool connectivity might make one wonder, why does the POC work so hard to keep us connected?

“Besides the satisfaction of providing a key infrastructure for hundreds of congress visitors…we get to know everyone. People come to us and just start talking — some out of curiosity, some to interface their own telephony project with the eventphone network. Please don’t hesitate to do the same. We are looking forward to seeing you all,” says Sascha.

More information on the network is available at and the 25C3 POC wiki page.