About the event ID

As you might have noticed, each lecture recording has an ID (three or four digits long) that is embedded in the file name and the introductory slide in the video itself. You also find this event ID on the 22C3 Fahrplan being used in URLs and such.

The more important information is that this ID will be unique over ALL Chaos Communication Congresses since 1998 (not everything is online properly but it will). So there is not only no clash with IDs used at 21C3, there won’t be one with 23C3 as well. And this goes for all events that have been planned with our Pentabarf conference planning software, including the recent Easterhegg event in Vienna and the upcoming regional events like Datenspuren, GPN5, MRMCD, ICMP3 and others.

This should make our conference program even more trackable.