Ninety-Five Percent

Yes we know, we suck. But rest assured a lot of work is being done to bring the 22C3 videos out. Consider it to be 95% done and we are pretty confident you will hear from us soon.

There has been a lot of talk on why things took so long (again) and although I won’t dig into the whole story here, it was a sequence of disasters that started with almost all realtime recordings being plagued by non-linear syncing of audio and video. So most of the material had to be recovered and re-encoded from DV backup tapes which took a long time (around 2 TB of data had to be moved to and fro).

As a few backups failed as well, we had to manually recover the de-synced realtime recordings and all the talks in the main lecture hall had to be manually re-mixed as well as we have been recording with two cameras at the same time. Confusion took its toll as well and now we are spending significant time to put some quality assurance in reviewing the encoded material and to make sure that the files are consistently and correctly named. We want to be sure that once we put the stuff online we don’t have to recall it again.

A final bunch of lectures will even take a bit longer but we are about to release 95% of the lectures sometime next week. We hope we will be lucky enough to achieve this goal but don’t blame us if we miss the mark once more as this is not the only thing we have to take care of these days with limited resources.

Thanks for your patience so far. We are sure you will be pleased with the results.