Gentlemen, fire up your clients (2nd Update)

All recorded 22C3 videos are online now (via BitTorrent and HTTP). Get the individual torrent files or get all torrent files in one tar.gz archive: 22C3-videos-complete-20050506.tar.gz (here are the checksums).

We still plan to provide complete torrent sets and extra torrent sets optimized for DVD-sized download chunks so that it is easier to archive that stuff. We are a bit distracted by other stuff currently, but we will bring you an update soon. Audio-only versions will follow soon as will the iPod-versions.

If you want to mirror the content, please use BitTorrent to get the files and publish your server address in the Wiki. All mirrors are welcome. Please make sure you keep track of the final updates by subscribing to this blog.

Update: We have now updated our archive to include all 140 recorded events. Please use the new links above to get the additional stuff. Recordings for these events have been added: Personal experiences bringing technology and new media to disaster areas, Bluetooth Hacking – The State of The Art , Elektronische Gesundheitskarte und Gesundheitstelematik – 1984 reloaded?, Die Technik im neuen ePass, Biometrics in Science Fiction and Black Ops Of TCP/IP 2005.5.