Chaos Communication Camp 2007

Lightning Talks at Chaos Communication Camp 2007


For spontaneous short lectures there is the possibility to give a
Lightning Talk. On day 2, 21:30, as well as on day 4, 15:30 there will
be time for everyone to give a 5 minute talk. Please add your lecture
to the wiki page.

Also mail your slides in advance in PDF file format to the moderator,, to prevent the need of laptop switching during
the Lightning Talks sessions or bring them on a USB stick to the

How will the weather be like?


We all know that long-term weather predictions are not that accurate. However, considering the fact that the last report about two weeks ago matched very well the weather we currently have in Berlin, which is sadly cold and rain, the current long term weather report (German) promises perfect camp weather. It will become warmer beginning this Tuesday, up to 28°C Thursday, and they say that August will be warm and friendly with less-then-average rain and mostly influences of anticyclones from the Mediterranean Sea, according to their prediction. Doesn’t that sound good?

Camp preparations are …

Will There Be Internet?


We’ve talked about most basic human needs at the Camp, but not yet about Internet access! So here’s an update on that.

We’ve secured sponsorship from various kind companies and individuals. We will deploy a fiber-based backbone around the campsite at 10 Gbps. All around the campsite, Datenklos will be deployed, where you can have your own cable plugged into the network for easy browsing in your tent.

Also, a wireless network will be deployed for 802.11a/b/g access, especially in the lecture halls.

The uplink off the campsite to the outside world will be 1 Gbps.

Please don’t trip over the …

Arriving by train or plane?


If you are travelling to the camp by train, please mark in the wiki when you are going to arrive in Eberwalde Hbf. We urgently need those numbers to finalize our shuttle schedule.

If you are going to fly to the camp, you will need a train to Eberswalde, too*, see our Travel instructions for details.

We currently plan to start shuttle services on August 7th, and we will charge a small fee for the shuttle. However, we are aware that quite a bunch of hackers will arrive earlier, and we will work something out for them, too. Further information soon in this weblog.

(*) This does of course not …

Workshops?! Where?! When?!


At the Camp there is no central workshop room/tent with a schedule at the door. But of course many people will organize workshops all over the Camp. If you are one of them and interested in other people knowing what you are up to use the template for workshops in the wiki. It is similar to the one for villages but a bot – the neinomat – crawls the wiki for these templates and generates a list of workshops from them. Have a look at the HyperHeroes to see how it works.

There will be no central workshop tent with mike and video projector but as the hardware geeks need some tools there will be a …

Chaos Bus Tour by the Frubar People


Yet another stylish way to get to the camp just appeared:

The Frubar people have charted a bus driving through Germany taking people to the camp and back home again.

If you’re still unsure how to get there, think about coming with us and have a lot of fun.

The route is like this: Tettnang -> Lindau -> Memmingen -> Ulm -> Nürnberg -> Bayreuth -> Gera/Jena -> Leipzig -> Finowfurt

If you’r living near the lake of Constance (Bregenz, Dornbirn, Ravensburg, Konstanz, …) it is possible to pick you up at home.

Just drop us a mail at

more information about the …

We proudly present: … the Fahrplan 0.23!


After some more shuffling the schedule is out.

There are gaps in the Fahrplan as we have to sort out last issues with some speakers. Be assured that we have more than enough talks to fill them. You can find lots of interesting stuff in the Fahrplan at this stage anyway – from surveillance (1, 2, 3), the nanoscale, to attacking GSM and other security issues (1, 2, 3). More to come.

We had lots of interesting submissions to choose from. Many thanks to all the people who want to share their experiences, knowledge and opinions. The camp would be very different without you as we would have a much …

Camp ahead!


Camp-preparations really are speeding up now.. The Fahrplan is pretty much ready to be published (actually, it is finished, but we still wait for some speakers to confirm their attendance), presale is up and running smoothly, and the Wiki is filling up quite fast. The next press release will be out next week, and first infrastructure for the camp is already arriving. Camp will be just great, promised!

Right now is a rather creative time: Most of our current work is somehow related to writing, to design, and similar stuff. There is help needed there, by the way – if you feel like you want to …

Last Minute Travel Options


The fine folks over at the Metalab have organized an “all-inclusive” flight and luggage transfer from Vienna to the CCC Camp and back. If you haven’t booked your flight, there are still 8 Tickets left.

-> Campflug

Camp-Project: Temporary BookCrossing Zone


As some of you may already know, the Camp will have a Temporary BookCrossing zone. For those who don’t, I’ll tell a bit about it here.
For starters: what’s BookCrossing?**
BookCrossing is a worldwide grassroots movement by and for readers, aiming to turn the world into a library by sharing our books. And by books I mean the actual, fysical, dead tree kind.
The cool thing about BookCrossing is that it uses a mixture of old media (books) and new ones (the ‘Net): the books are registered into a giant database (currently containing over 4000.000 individual copies). They all get a number and are …

Camp-Fahrplan v0.1 ahead

Camp-Fahrplan v0.1 ahead


Fahrplan 0.1 is currently being prepared, using high-tech and complex modern algorithms:

Just some more days, stay tuned..

(please pardon the crappy mobile cam picture.)

Presale for Chaos Communication Camp started


Good news, everyone – the presale for the camp just started, and will be up until 22th July. Please pay special attention to our supporters ticket and company ticket: If you or your company are willing to support the camp, please consider buying those tickets. The camp costs in fact more than the 150 € per participant we take for the default ticket – so our current prices are already only made possible by generous donations, sponsors and the business tickets. You and our sponsors are those guys which actually make the camp financially possible. Thank you very much!

The Company Ticket even …