Chaos Communication Camp 2007

Reconnaissance at Finowfurt: The text adventure game

You wake up in your room. You realize that the Chaos Communication Camp, a hacker conference near Berlin, Germany, is only a few days away. You have been preparing for this event for months, going over what to pack in your head a million times. You bought a tent and locked down your computer. However, you’re still wondering what you’re going to do at the Camp. Somehow you get the feeling that today is the day your mission will come to you…

This is how “Reconnaissance at Finowfurt” starts, a classic text adventure (“Interactive fiction”) that tells the story of the camp and the spaceship connected to it. After ca. 4 months of working on the story, we just released this game, go and get it!

Building the camp: Progress report

Good news, everyone! Looks like the camp site will be operational soon. Electricity and power is deployed, the POC (Phone Operation Center) people are almost done with setting up their network, and the last pieces of critical infrastructure are either being unloaded at the moment or are on their way on the autobahn.

The weather looks extremely good at the moment, beautiful and sunny, but without the unbearable heat of the Chaos Communication Camp in 2003. Let’s see if it stays that way for the next days.

So, what’s left for you to do?

  1. Pack your things for the camp
  2. If you can: come to the site as early as possible, i.e. now. Every helping hand is needed.

Aufs Camp fliegen und eine gute Sache unterstützen: Rettungsflug für die Raumstation

Unsere Freunde von der Hacker Foundation, die den bereits an dieser Stelle erwähnten Flug “Hackers On A Plane” veranstalten, haben noch Plätze für den Flug vom Flughafen Düsseldorf direkt auf das Camp-Gelände (Flugplatz Finow-Eberswalde) frei. Der Clou: Mit dem Kauf eines Tickets unterstützt ihr den finanziell in Not geratenen famosen Berliner Hackerspace C-Base.:

12 von 38 Fluggästen und das gesamte Orga-Team von “Hackers on a Plane” haben auf ihre Sitzplätze bei einem Charterflug, der Geschichte schreiben wird, verzichtet, um Geld für die C-Base zu sammeln. Du bezahlst also nicht für einen Flug, du spendest für eine gute Sache — das Space Station Rescue Team!

Alles, was ihr wissen müsst, findet ihr auf der entsprechenden Seite bei Hackers On A Plane.

CERT still looking for personal

The CERT is still looking for personal at the camp. You have a medical training (First Aid training or licence), are EMT, Paramedic or doctor? You are interested in medical health care? You are a firefighter? Feel free to contact sanifox : sanifox(at) or come to the CERT location at the Camp site. We got a shift plan so you won´t miss any lectures ;-)

Tree climbing at Chaos Communication Camp 2007

There will be on every sunny day a tree climbing workshop. If you are interested, please sign up in the public wiki. If you have any climbing equipment (belt, ropes, carabiner) from rock climbing and would like to bring it, please note this in the wiki.


Lightning Talks at Chaos Communication Camp 2007

For spontaneous short lectures there is the possibility to give a
Lightning Talk. On day 2, 21:30, as well as on day 4, 15:30 there will
be time for everyone to give a 5 minute talk. Please add your lecture
to the wiki page.

Also mail your slides in advance in PDF file format to the moderator,, to prevent the need of laptop switching during
the Lightning Talks sessions or bring them on a USB stick to the

How will the weather be like?

We all know that long-term weather predictions are not that accurate. However, considering the fact that the last report about two weeks ago matched very well the weather we currently have in Berlin, which is sadly cold and rain, the current long term weather report (German) promises perfect camp weather. It will become warmer beginning this Tuesday, up to 28°C Thursday, and they say that August will be warm and friendly with less-then-average rain and mostly influences of anticyclones from the Mediterranean Sea, according to their prediction. Doesn’t that sound good?

Camp preparations are going very well right now – our core organisational crew will start Monday with packaging for the camp, official buildup starts August 1st. Feel free to join us then, but be aware that we consider everyone as volunteer who is at the camp site before August 7th ;).

This buildup and packaging means that we will be for some days rather unavailable online, so expect high response times.