Network Update

The network is all coming together now! We’ve worked hard over the past week to get top-notch connectivity to all corners of our huge campsite. Not everything is finished yet but it’s quickly getting there. The fibers are all in place, the core router is up and running and it’s already distributing the 10GE fiber backbone to various places at the site. Access switches will be placed inside the Datenklos today and tomorrow, so that everybody will be able to plug in soon.


Unfortunately we will not have as much outbound bandwidth available as we had during some previous events. Due to the small capacities of all the providers in the area of Finowfurt we only have 300 Mbps. Please use the available bandwidth wisely. We will have two big file servers (about 14TB each) in our network to share the stuff you brought from home with everybody locally. Thanks for your patience and understanding as we are doing all we can to provide you with the best possible network at the site.