[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Eure Workshops und Arbeitsgruppen: How to SoS

[rC3 2021 - NOWHERE] Eure Workshops und Arbeitsgruppen: How to SoS

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Hallo zusammen!

Ein wichtiger Teil der Präsenzkongresse sind die unzähligen Self-organized Sessions (SoS). Auch die machen wir auf der rC3 für Euch möglich.

Es ist einfacher als gedacht: Ihr geht in den Maschinenraum; im Reiter “Selforganized” klickt Ihr auf den Button “Create SoS”. Dort tragt Ihr die Details zu Eurer Self-organized Session ein. Im Textfeld kann Markdown verwendet werden. Denkt an den Haken bei “öffentlich”, damit Euer Event im Fahrplan angezeigt wird und über die Suche auch gefunden werden kann.

Nach dem Speichern findet Ihr Eure Self-organized Session auf dieser Übersichtsseite sowie über die Suche auf der Plattform.

Auf der Detailseite Eurer Self-organized Session habt Ihr den Link zum temporären Videokonferenzraum (BBB). Diesen Raum können alle Teilnehmenden der rC3 (also mit Ticket) joinen.

Solltet Ihr auch Menschen außerhalb der rC3 zu Eurer Self-organized Session einladen wollen, könnt Ihr einen Link zu Eurem eigenen Videokonferenzraum posten. Bitte informiert Eure Teilnehmenden darüber, dass sie das Gelände der rC3 verlassen und über die Datenschutz- und Privatsphäre-Regelungen auf Eurer Infrastruktur.

Happy SoS-ing!


Your Workshops: How to SoS


An important part of the real life Congress are the numerous self-organized sessions (SoS). We’re eager to make this possible for you at rC3.

It’s easier than you think. You open the engine room and at the tab “selforganized” you click on “create SoS”. Then you enter the details of your self-organized session. You can use Markdown in the description field. Remember to tick the box “public”, so your session shows up in the schedule as well as via search.

After saving your session it will appear on the overview page as well as via the search box on the platform.

On the detail page of your self-organized session you will find the link to your temporary video conference room (BBB). All rC3 participants (people with a ticket) can join it.

In case you want to share your self-organized session with people outside of rC3, you can post a link to your own conference room in the description. Please inform your participants that they are leaving the rC3 grounds and also about the data privacy rules on your infrastructure.

Happy SOS-ing!

Self-organized Sessions forms are opening on WED DEC 20th, 9 PM CET

Many of you have been patiently asking for this: Finally we’ll have the wiki forms ready for you to enter your self-organized sessions on Wednesday, 9 PM CET. That way you’ll wide up the topics and the program of 34C3 and contribute your bit to a divers and versatile congress!

With the move to Leipzig come some changes: The CCL has fewer rooms than the CCH so we needed something new. Thus we created the concept of “clusters” with stages. This year there are a number of clusters, each one committed to one or two topics. Each cluster has at least one stage, some have more. They often have their own Call-for-Papers to fill their stage with sessions related to their topic, but their stages are also open for you. Please check the corresponding assembly-pages for this and check with them before you enter your session on their stage.

As in the last years, the self-organized sessions offer a chance to tell what you have to say besides the official program in the main halls. Self-organized Sessions offer you a chance to present a topic that is dear to you with a less strict time limit than the lightning talks. They also offer more freedom in the form in which you present, be it a classic talk, a hands on workshop or a show of your new creation. We wrote about this in an earlier blog post in detail.

We’re looking forward to your sessions!