Self-organized Sessions forms are opening on WED DEC 20th, 9 PM CET

Many of you have been patiently asking for this: Finally we’ll have the wiki forms ready for you to enter your self-organized sessions on Wednesday, 9 PM CET. That way you’ll wide up the topics and the program of 34C3 and contribute your bit to a divers and versatile congress!

With the move to Leipzig come some changes: The CCL has fewer rooms than the CCH so we needed something new. Thus we created the concept of “clusters” with stages. This year there are a number of clusters, each one committed to one or two topics. Each cluster has at least one stage, some have more. They often have their own Call-for-Papers to fill their stage with sessions related to their topic, but their stages are also open for you. Please check the corresponding assembly-pages for this and check with them before you enter your session on their stage.

As in the last years, the self-organized sessions offer a chance to tell what you have to say besides the official program in the main halls. Self-organized Sessions offer you a chance to present a topic that is dear to you with a less strict time limit than the lightning talks. They also offer more freedom in the form in which you present, be it a classic talk, a hands on workshop or a show of your new creation. We wrote about this in an earlier blog post in detail.

We’re looking forward to your sessions!