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Description Peekaboo Extended Email Attachment Behavior Observation Owl
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Tags malware, sandboxing, anti-virus, GPLv3, email
Located at assembly Assembly:Narwhals
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 * PeekabooAV is an Anti Virus software
 * It gets email attachments from AMaViSd, checks them, uses Cuckoo for behavioral checks, and evaluates and rates fully automatic
 * PeekabooAV is written in Python, multi-threaded, scalable, has a very powerful ruleset, and is easy to extend and personalize
 * It is able to detect: malware by its behavior, exploitation of zero days, and targeted attacks
 * PeekabooAV is entirely open source
 * can run 100% local and does not require any external service
 * any file with any application can be scanned

If you run mail on-site, distrust security vendors and need a high level of security and secrecy PeekabooAV is for you.

For news and announcements follow us on twitter @peekabooAV.

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