Random Ftp Grabber

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Description Random FTP grabber - downloads all the interesting stuff
Has website https://github.com/albertz/RandomFtpGrabber
Persons working on Albertzeyer
Tags ftp, file-sharing
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Situation: You have various file servers with interesting stuff, too much which you can possibly download, and most of the stuff you never heard about so you cannot tell how much it is of interest, but you still want to download a good set of files.

A common such situation is exactly here: if you are on a Hacker Conference like the Chaos Communication Congress/Camp, because of Filesharing. Just add some of the many file servers to the list and let it download stuff.

A totally random sampling might already be a good enough representation, but we might be able to improve slightly.

A bit tricky is if there are multiple-parts which belong together - they should be grabbed together.

The project is open source (Python code on GitHub), and as you can imagine, there are many possible extensions. Get in touch, add your feature!

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