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Description a skillsharing camp near Leipzig (Pödelwitz) from 3. - 6. of Janurary \o/
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The AAA Pödelwitz invites you on Januar 5th from 2-5pm for a networking meeting to strengthen the resistance against coal mining and capitalism. And because it‘s so cold in winter it is going to happen within a cosy extended weekend of workshops, networking and concerts from the 3rd to the 6th of January 2019.

Maybe you have some stuff left after congress, we could use. Get in touch (and see a list of needed material below).



We are the alternatives at the abyss, the anti-capitalist, anarchist anti-exploitation association for action and adventure and aliens and apples, amen.

And for people who want more clarity, the following explanation:

AAA-Poedelwitz is a spontaneous, collective association of people who, during the brutal evictions in the Hambach Forest, decided to channel energy and attention into the central German coal mining area. How can it be that people from all over come to North Rhine-Westphalia to fight against RWE but many of them have never heard of EPH? We realize that there have been protests against lignite mining for decades. What is missing here is a self-organized municipal contact point directly on site, which is always open for visitors. With actions and events such as skill-share camps we want to draw people to Pödelwitz and draw their attention to the situation of the village. In addition, it is important to us to classify the events into larger contexts such as climate justice and critique of capitalism. We live vegan, resource-conserving, mindful and make decisions on a grassroots basis.


In the East of Germany, near to Leipzig, in a small village named Pödelwitz, which is threatened to be destroyed in order to make the close opencast coal mine bigger. The villagers risk to be dispossessed of their houses. We can use the old train station of Pödelwitz! These rooms are heated and there is electricity and water, pure luxury! You can also pitch tents inside for more intimacy. What is the program? People will be on site starting the 27th of December, you are welcome to come that day to help setting up camp. On the 5th January from 2pm-5pm the official networking meeting takes place. Here we will try to collect all our visions and plan the next steps together, of how we want to continue in Pödelwitz. People will stay in Pödelwitz long after the skillshare is ended, to keep the resistance going and strengthen the bonds with the local community, if you want, stick around a bit!

How to get there

To get to Pödelwitz you take the S-Bahn from Leipzig (S6 & S5) to Neukieritzsch. Best is to take your bike with you so that you can bike from Neukieritzsch to Pödelwitz (20 min). You can take your bike for free on the train.

Without bike: there is a small bus ( about 8 seats) going from Neukieritzsch on an irregular time base. From Pödelwitz to Neukieritzsch you better call the bus before so you can be sure that it goes through Pödelwitz.

Check out this website for a bus connection: from Neukieritzsch Bahnhof to Pödelwitz you have to take the bus 271 in direction of Pegau:

Hitchhiking is also an option that goes quite well.

On Sunday there is no bus going. For that there will be a shuttle. The number through which we coordinate the shuttle is 03525-7048800. (number is running from 2. January on) More Information:

From 2. January on, you can reach us on this number: 03525-7048800. On this line you can get Information, we coordinate the shuttle from the trainstation and you reach the legal team.

About the food: Black Wok kitchen collective is cooking for and with us delicious vegan food. If you can manage it would be cool for them to get a donation of 3 euros per day per person. Don’t feel pressured if you don’t have any money, well figure out something. What should I bring with me?

  • Warm sleeping bag
  • Warm clothes
  • Music instrument
  • Mattress
  • Donations: You don’t have to pay to attend to the skillshare. But if you can afford it, we would appreciate any donation to help us with the costs of the infrastructure and the food.
  • Slippers (to keep your feet warm!)

List of things we need to make it happen

If you think you can donate some of it, let us know by email!

  • Couches ;)
  • Vegan food (including spices and oil)
  • Blankets, sleeping bags, mattresses, pillows, carpet (to make it cosy)
  • Flip chart
  • Firewood
  • organic washing up liquid
  • Toilet paper
  • Envelopes and stamps, books, pens, paper
  • Banner material + Paint+Brushes
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