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Description Ein Ort für utopischen Pragmatismus: (Social) Hacker*innen, Game Designer*innen, Denker- und Macher*innen entwerfen gemeinsam Welten- völlig antidiziplinär. Nicht nur in Gedanken, sondern als erleb- und spielbare Utopien, die getestet, hinterfragt und verbessert werden können, mit Methoden von Storytelling und Game Design, Performance Art und Improvisationstheater- digital und analog.
Members Crcdng, Frauhue, Retani
Projects Poesie
Self-organized Sessions DeNation - Ein social fiction game, Imperfect VR, Pussy Write
Tags design, games, play, future, dystopie, utopia, virtual reality, vr
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Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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DeNation- ein social fiction game (@frauhue) Die Weltordnung ist auf Null gesetzt. Willkommen im DeNation Incubator: Entwerft neuartige Nationen-Startups und bestimmt, wie Ihr als Nation, aber als auch Nationenverbund agiert. Nehmt Territorien ein, definiert Grenzen und den Umgang damit. Schafft Kultur! Der Incubator wird die erfolgreichsten Start-Ups belohnen. (deutsch & english!)

Pussy Write (@frauhue) Pussy Write ist eine Sammlung von DIT (Do it Together) Methoden, um gemeinsam Geschichten am Ort zu finden. Kommt vorbei; wir erkunden den 35C3 zusammen und schreiben in sehr kurzer Zeit ortsspezifische Texte. Keine Vorerfahrung nötig: Jeder kann schreiben. Schreiben ist Sprechen. Schreiben ist Teilen. Auch Ihr seid Pussy Write. // Pussy Write is a collection of DIT (do it together) methods of creating site specific stories- together. Come by and let's explore 35C3 in order to write site specific texts. No XP needed: Everybody can write. Writing is talking. Writing is sharing. You are Pussy Write.

Rudimentors Human Recharge Machine (@rudimentor) Permanente Installation Wie Juvenal schon wußte: mens recreata in corpore recreato: Erfrischende Erinnerungen in einem erfrischten Körper. Leg Dich 10 Minuten in den HRM und gönn Dir die volle Dosis Tageslicht. Fängt da an zu wirken, wo Mate nicht hinkommt. (time: tba.)

Imperfect VR Workshop by @crcdng
when: 2018-12-29 (Day 3), 14.00 where: Social Fiction Society, Hall 2
Virtual Reality is making big headlines and many believe that it will finally become a significant medium. With all the current excitement around VR, an important question comes up: who will be the creators, who the consumers of this technology? While big tech companies are competing in the space, Imperfect VR is based on the fundamental belief that everyone can build their own virtual reality. In this workshop we will create a small, quirky VR experience with A-Frame and Google Cardboard. A-Frame is a beginner-friendly but capable open source VR framework based on web technology. Cardboard headsets allow us to use our smartphones as VR devices. To take part, you need to bring a laptop and a (recent) smartphone. You do not need to have experience in computer programming. I will go through the absolute basics and will support advanced participants realizing their ideas in VR. After the workshop everyone should have a good understanding how to create their own virtual world in a few lines of code. We will also discuss politics of VR and perception (e.g. John Berger and James Elkins) and watch a little bit of Žižek. We are not aiming for a perfect reality but we will have fun in the virtual. Imperfect VR is inspired by and built upon ideas of Imperfect Cinema. Imperfect VR workshops have been given at places like Electromagnetic Field, Plymouth University, Royal College of Art and Space Studios London.
Bring your own laptop (Mac, Windows, Linux) and a (preferably recent) smartphone (iPhone, Android). Because not all devices have a gyroscope sensor, your VR experience may be limited, but you will still be able to build the virtual world. Please bring a Laptop. There will be a limited number of cardboard VR headsets - if you have one: please bring your own!

Poesie by @retani Goethe, Schiller, Bernstein, Bukowski ... wrote poems. Change them, destroy them, improve them – only one line per device!

Shadowrun by @SnakeBDD. Let's play an short session of Shadowrun, the cyberpunk/fantasy pen&paper role-playing game. This session does not require any experience in Shadowrun or any other P&P RPGs. We want to introduce new players or folks that have not played in a while to pen&paper gaming and offer help to bootstrap their own online gaming groups.

Wargaming Netzpolitik by @Klemens. An introductory session to policy analysis or prediction via serious games - example game about national IT security strategies

The Klingon Civil War by @Klemens. Smash the opposition, neutralize threats to the empire, protect your specie's way of life, in the Matrix Game The Klingon Civil War

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