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Description A driving bottle crate.
Has website https://wiki.chaospott.de/Mate-Crate (Driving)
Persons working on Elektrospy
Tags Assembly:Chaospott, Matecrate, Brushless, VESC, WS2812B, Vehicle, e-mobility, Hoverboard, LiPo, Arduino
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Mate Crate.jpg The driving Mate-crate features two 6"-Hoverboard hub motors controlled by one VESC each and a 10S lipo battery pack with 5000 mAh.


You can find lots of driving beer crates over the net, often powered by petrol engines. Inspired by these crates we wanted to build our own, however we wanted it to be electrically powered.

How it was done

Seeing more and more "Smart-Balance-Scooters" or "Hoverboards" or whatever you like to call them (maybe even "suicide Segway") driving around, we began to wonder, how they are powered and whether we can utilize their components, we began searching the net. We found some hub-motors salvaged from broken down Hoverboards and thought we might give it a try. The advantage of hub motors is the easy mounting and direct drive.

Parts and Stuff

  • 2x VESC version 4.12
  • 2x Hoverboard Hubmotor
  • 5x LiPo 2S 5000mAh
  • 7x XT60 Connector Pair
  • 1x XT90 Antispark Connector
  • 1x Arduino Nano
  • 1x Wii Nunchuck Clone (Wireless)
  • 16x WS2812b Led's
  • 16x 3D Print upper half of Matebottle
  • 16x Real (Mate) bottle caps
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