Curry Club Augsburg

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Description Functional meeting group from Augsburg. Es ist Haskell!
Members Iblech, Profpatsch
Projects Large number contest, Oatmeal station (also sporting bread with Nutella-derivatives)
Self-organized Sessions Briar party (the messenger which ticks most of the boxes), Formalizing mathematics in the proof assistant Agda, Foundation workshop: Hands-on, how does the Internet work?, Foundation workshop: Vim for beginners, Ice swimming, JHT: Beweise ohne Worte, JHT: Cosmic Call, eine Botschaft an Außerirdische, JHT: Rubik's Cube Workshop (Zauberwürfelworkshop), JHT: Spiel und Spaß mit der vierten Dimension, JHT: Spiel und Spaß mit unendlichen Zahlen und unendlichen Spielen, Knitting workshop (Strickworkshop), Memorizing pi for fun (not for profit), Procrastination horror stories, Wondrous Mathematics: Fun with infinitely large numbers, Wondrous Mathematics: Fun with transfinite games, Wondrous Mathematics: Fundamental limits of mathematical reasoning, Wondrous Mathematics: Large numbers, very large numbers and very very large numbers, Wondrous Mathematics: The curious world of four-dimensional geometry, Write your own OS
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Provides stage no
Location for self-organized sessions yes
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Arrival and build up

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We are in Exhibition Hall 3 near the bright glowing palm tree and the racing track.

If you're looking for the oatmeal station, it is directly at the wooden shelf.

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