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Description embedded monitor and logging tool
Has website https://github.com/alon/emolog
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Located at assembly Assembly:TAMI
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TL;DR: Embedded tool to debug and log data on your c program with minimal changes

Emolog is a small library, protocol and client to debug embedded C programs using ELF and DWARF data, used to debug TI MCU motor controllers, but can be useful for anything else. It certainly overlaps with gdb, JTAG but is way simpler and doesn't specify the transport (used with RS422 in practice). It works for 20kHz giving 40 bytes per cycle, taking about 10% of the cpu of a 120MHz TI MCU (some ARM CORTEX-M?, I don't remember exactly), using an RS422 8 Mbps connection.

I am going to be working on it until the end of the conference. You are welcome to come and talk to me about it, or join me!