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Description Theremin as usb gamepad controller, controlling a game made with open source engine Godot
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Located at assembly Assembly:Assembly:MOiN - Mehrere Orte im Norden
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Come and try out the theremin, a quirky nerd instrument! Except this time, it is used as game controller.

Come if you always wanted to try the theremin. Come if you love to play games the most bizarre way!


When and Where

  • Hall 3 main entry, close to the lighthouse installation (MOIN Assymbly)
  • Opened constantly, just pass by and try it out


  • Arduino used for pitch detection and pretending to be a usb gamepad
  • Theremin
  • U.F.O.-Game made with open source Godot engine
  • An old CRT, way too tiny, back and white just to make everything even more osbcure!


DECT 5557 (FloppyFist)

Twitter / insta: Floppyfist


The initial idea was to create an audio to usb adapter accepting any monophone instrument. While the pitch detection can only detect simple sinosoidal signals so far, the plan is to implement an amdf algorithm so guitars, keyboards and synthesizers can be used soon as well.

It works with any left-right movement based game, e.g. Rocket League. Since the input method is quite indirect, a simplified game has been made to fit it's characteristics. The open source, multi-platform game engine Godot has been used and shown to be quite impressive.

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