Wobbler - A 1-dimensional Dungeon Crawler game

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Description A 1-dimensional dungeon exploration game played with a shoetree.
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Tags 1d, LED Strip, Arduino, interactive, game
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This is an interactive game installation you can play yourself! You'll find it near the Tent frame of Café Dimension at the Chaos Computer Club Wien (C3W).


You're a heroine caught in a dark dungeon full of monsters and lava, like is mostly any other dungeon game. Only here, there dungeon is one-dimensional, meaning you cannot dodge the creepers. You must fight them with your magic blue sword!

Wobbler Dungeon.JPG

This is the dungeon you're trapped in. You must reach the exit!


In one dimension you're kinda limited in what you can do. Moving forward, backward and attacking.


It's the shoetree in front of you. No buttons.

Wobbler Joystick.jpg

Moving ↑↓

Advance by pushing the shoetree away from you, retreat by pulling it towards yourself.

Fighting ←→

To swing your magic blue sword wobble the shoetree left and right or let go.

The map

Green dot •

This is you, our heroine on their quest!

Blue dot •

You goal, reach it without getting killed.

You'll find out the rest as you go. Good luck!

- Original game idea: Robin Baumgarten - Source: https://github.com/MacLemon/TWANG - Teamwork by: MacLemon, luto, anlumo - This manual: adapted from telegnom's

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