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Description We want to form a team working towards sustainable c3 events in terms of environment and climate impact
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Persons working on Blipp, Yolo
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During 35c3 there was much interest for acting on climate change and on sustainability in general. Several follow-up projects have been kickstarted. This wiki project page is dedicated to one of them: efforts towards sustainable c3 events, with the goal to eventually make events like the camp, the congress, and regional events climate-neutral.

The fundamental idea is to have this group of people called c3sustainability that collects ideas, researches possible measures, and finally suggests them to the different event orga teams like Projektleitung, LOC, POC, content team, …. The reason for this approach is that we don't want to over-charge these already existing teams with the additional burden of researching sustainability improvements, but rather present well-prepared solutions.

Getting involved

Rendering events like camp and congress sustainable and climate-neutral is a vast and complex task, which will take time and a number of iterations. We need your input to collect ideas, and we need your help to research possible solutions: It is often not obvious if a certain measure would indeed be an improvement, it requires careful research and calculations. If you are interested, we are happy if you:

Communication channels

If you are interested please subscribe or follow us :)

Involved people (incomplete list)

user:blipp, user:yolo, user:Carsten, user:Faze, user:HDValentin, …

Planned activities

  • Monthly tele conferences (mumble), max 1h, to keep things going. The first one could be on Sunday, 3rd of February 2019


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