Hunt Zuckerberg

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Refreshing memories of "MARK ZUCKERBERG"

It's the year 2055. MARK ZUCKERBERG uploaded itself in the Ethereum Network because blockchain and stuff and user data and Ads. HELP US finding The MARK pieces and stop it!

Each piece of Mark (a ZUCKERBIT) is a token. You can find them by searching QR codes about MARK at the CCC. You will recognize them as soon as you find them. Each token can be redeemed with and Ethereum transaction (so you will need wallet enabled browser and some Ether on Rinkeby). Once you find a ZUCKERBIT, you can come to the Social Dist0rtion Protocol assembly and redeem a prize. The winner will get a YUBI key!!!111 one


  • A wallet enabled browser or extension: Metamask on desktop, Cipher on mobile
  • An Ethereum wallet with Ether on the Rinkeby test network, so no real money involved. We can also send you some if you need.


  • Come to the Social Dist0rtion Protocol assembly if you want to talk to real people.
  • DECT group: 8960


  • For each unlocked MARK piece:
    • Grappa
    • Berliner Luft
    • Maybe other stuff? :j
    • For the winner (most ZUCKERBITS collected): a brand new Yubi Key
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