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Description The SuperKarussel from Schneiders Büro is located in the Art&Play area.
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Tags Art&Play, Audio, Music, Synthesis, Sound, Noise, Analog, Modular
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I said, I'll be back!

This is SuperKarussell's second visit to a CCC event. Last year was such a breeze.

We hope you're enjoying modular synthesizers a lot. This time the SuperKarussel brought a few new tricks and learned a lot in the digital section, as well - now it has Eurorack-samplers >:-)

If you'd like to organize a small concert or anything including the SuperKarussell, contact User:riot. The machine speaks MIDI on multiple Channels.


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Planned Sessions

  • Gameboy Rota-Jam (Day 2, 1800)
  • Yours?
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