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Description Convert USB mechanical kb to a Bluetooth wireless one
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Proposed time is 3pm, day 2! Somewhere in the hardware hacking area. You can find me on IRC (hackint) as gr4yscale, or DECT 4315!

So, I have a comfy mech keyboard but it's USB, not wireless.

I have the appropriate modules to make an HID Bluetooth relay - basically a USB host chip, a Bluetooth module, and teensy microcontroller, and a nice battery holder.

Would like to design a custom board, 3D print a case to attach to the top edge of the keyboard, and write / flash the firmware while at congress.

If any steps of this project sound interesting to you, please feel free to join!

As of now (8pm day 1), we have 3 people interested in the project.

Unfortunately I don't have extra keyboards, but I do have reference materials (example code, components list), and I am happy to help CAD a PCB or enclosure for your keyboards specifications!

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