Chaos West

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Members Byte, Christina, Commander1024, Dray, Elektrospy, Gammlaa, Haggis, Hauro, JanHenrik, JayDee2202, Kuro, Marc, Mm, Mythozz, Otter, Pey, Seth, YtvwlD
Projects Hoverhacking, Labelprinter
Self-organized Sessions Dining Cryptographers' Party, How false data is influencing our world perspective, Moving Objects Selbsthilfegruppe
Registered on
Provides stage yes
Location for self-organized sessions yes
Orga contact {{{Has orga contact}}}URIs of the form "{{{Has orga contact}}}" are not allowed.
Uses money {{{Uses money}}}"{{{Uses money}}}" is not in the list (yes we handle money, no money handling) of allowed values for the "Uses money" property.
Need fibre {{{Need fibre}}}"{{{Need fibre}}}" is not in the list (no, yes would be great, yes its essential) of allowed values for the "Need fibre" property.
Extra Power {{{Extra power}}}
Near passage {{{Near passage}}}"{{{Near passage}}}" is not in the list (whatever, yes its essential, would be great, definitively not) of allowed values for the "Near passage" property.
Character of assembly {{{Has assembly type}}}"{{{Has assembly type}}}" is not in the list (just a gathering space, place to show and meet) of allowed values for the "Has assembly type" property.
Seats needed 0
Extra seats 0
Aread needed 0
Arrival and build up

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Chaos West Habitat in hall 3 welcomes you.

Fahrplan / Schedule:

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