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Description Setup and operate a field telephone system for 35C3
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Chaosvermittlung is aiming to provide field telephone networks at CCC and related events. It is interesting vintage technology and fun to do. In addition it provides a playground to add enhancements using more modern means.

Last year at 34C3 we failed to bring up a field phone network. Partly due to the fact that we had the new location and it was difficult and time consuming to get access to cabling tunnels and such. There is an internal discussion about giving up trying to build networks at Congress (not Camp!) because of the bad ratio between effort and actual benefit. There is also the fact that such a field phone network is only really functional, if we can provide operators for the manual exchange. This manual operation is a major part of the fun, but also a sort of obligation. If too less people are trying to keep up the network, it will eat up a lot of their time and take away some of the fun we all are supposed to have at Congress.

So this year we try to do a proper network, to see how everything works out. Based on the experiences we make this event, we will decide about future activities. For the 35C3 network we have planned ten public field telephone locations and prepared cabling to several distribution points in "Halle 2" and "Halle 3". We hope this will simplify connecting additional user phones at different assemblies, that bring their own field telephones.

To support us, amongst other things, you can do:

- Have fun by using the field telephones.

- Bring your own field telephone and become part of the network. It adds great value if there are actually known endpoints to call, and not just forwards to DECT...

- Take part by operating the exchange for a while.

- Help explaining the system to others to spread the knowledge.

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