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Description Driving remote controlled cars of our past selves.
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Persons working on MacLemon, Ripper
Tags RC-Cars, Tamiya, Kyosho, Schumacher, Team Associated, MST, Team Losi, Buggy, Truggy, Monster Trucks, GT, Off-Road, On-Road, Drift, Crawler, Trike, Electric RC-Cars, Truck, C3W
Located at assembly Assembly:Aaaaaaaaaaaa
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Did you have an RC-Buggy in your past? Maybe you still do? Bring it to 35c3 and race with us at the Assembly:Aaaaaaaaaaaa in Halle 3.

This is about having a good time and introducing others into the hobby.

Simple Safety rules

No racing while humans on the track

We're a secondary user of the Chaos-West Elektro-Teststrecke. That means, no RC-Cars on that track while humans are learning to balance an electric vehicle, so nobody gets hurt. We also don't want your precious vehicle to get damaged in an accident. When in doubt, talk to each other and apply common sense.

Electric power only

We're inside a building, so please don't run any nitro or steam engines.

Battery Safety

Please use a Safety-bag when charging your LiPo batteries on site to prevent fire hazards. Unattended LiPo batteries charging outside a safety-bag must be disconnected.

Surface models only

This is about surface models, mainly cars, bikes, trikes, trucks. No flying models inside please! If your model gets airborne think about your speed. You don't want to land in a bystanding child admiring your driving skills.

Have fun!

RC-Modelling is a great hobby and a lot of fun. Let's introduce others what modelling is about!

Mark your stuff

If you bring equipment and models to leave them at the race-track so others can use them, please label them with your name/Mastodon handle/DECT/Assembly name so people know whom they may ask about using the tools or to whom to return things to after the event.

Keep RC fun!


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MacLemon Tamiya Dancing Rider - Headlights.JPG
MacLemon Kyosho Honda CR-X.JPG
MacLemon Tamiya Dancing Rider Trunk with Sternenküche Logo.JPG
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