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Description An Android Wallet for Monero
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Monerujo is the first Android Wallet for Monero.

Development started in early 2017 out of need for Android support and was released in August '17.

Monerujo connects to remote Monero nodes and so keeps the storage used on the device to a minimum. It is a wrapper around the core Monero code by implementing a JNI interface to the wallet functionality. Monerujo exposes Monero wallet features in the best possible UI/UX as well as adding unique features like QR code scanning or the seamless integration to which allows immediate BTC payments with XMR.

Monerujo has come up with a number of novel features such as

  • CrAzYpass - which uses the Android security features to turn any user supplied password into a highly secure 256-bit password for wallet files
  • Node-o-matiC - which scans the Monero network at a P2P level to find community-run public nodes, further supporting decentralization
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