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CONGRESS IS OVER :-) And thanks for all the fish!

Do you have any suggestions/recommendations for 23C3? We do have a designated wikipage to collect them here. Also, the the 23C3 Public Wiki is now available as well!

If you have a little time, please help out to transcribe some of the recordings. Thanks!

Welcome to the 22C3 Public Wiki system, your primary resource for the now finished 22nd Chaos Communication Congress also known as 22C3: Private Investigations. This wiki is an extension to the official 22C3 web site and provides most of the important stuff. Use it to pass along information about what you and your project partners are about to do and to find other people who might be interested in the same topics.

If you want to be kept up-to-date regarding changes in this wiki, subscribe to the 22C3 Public Wiki RSS feed which reflects the content of the recent changes page.

Feel free to use the language you find appropriate for you. Keep in mind that English attracts international visitors as well but we are not forcing you into one language. Try to provide bilingual information if you want to use another language other than English. Don't worry about your English not being perfect, after all, this is a wiki so other people will help you by correcting glaring errors.

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