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We are the Computer Women situated in A8 of the Hack Center.
Because we want to meet other women there is a free breakfast every morning, women only!
Feel welcome to join, you don"t need to be a supergeek or speak a programing language fluently.

Its intended to meet other women but if you are a guy come over and talk to us - we will see if we eat you ;)

Our main aim is to spreed and share our enthusiasm about computers with other women ;).
It is also intended as a meeting place to talk about how to deal with the fact of being seen as strange by computer men.
Also, we enjoy the attention of lots of press people Last not least we will talk about computers.
There will also be some lectures-especially for women and some meetings of computer women groups.
Finally the Haecksen also will try their best to mess up the congress.
See you there.
Our home page: Haecksen Page

Currently planned are:


day 1

  • from ~10.00 to ~12.00 traditional Haecksen breakfast

day 2

  • from ~10.00 to ~12.00 traditional Haecksen breakfast
  • 12-13 GLOW (Heinrich Böll Institut) presnts their work
  • 13-14 talk Sandra Becker 01 (webgrrls / piona point): "Copyleft|Copyright"
  • from 14 on "Netzwerkeln" mit den webgrrls (open END)

day 3

  • from ~10.00 to ~12.00 traditional Haecksen breakfast
  • somewhere over the day we plan to install a wiki for the haecksen website

day 4

  • from ~10.00 to ~12.00 traditional Haecksen breakfast
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