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Tetrahydrocannabinol Exchange and Distribution System


What the f***?

THC-X will be a system to organize and simplify trading of some objects which I don't want to specify here in any kind. What we actually need is an idea how to set-up quickly a fine working distribution system to minimize bottlenecks in the whole process of purchasing things.

What's the situation?

The 22C3 is in fact a big event. Hundreds of human beings from other parts of Germany/Europe/World are travelling to Berlin to come together for a few days.

But let's get more specified to the point: "How are these people preparing themselves for this event?" It seems to be a complex question but the answer is (beside '42') a simple one: They are preparing in almost no perspective.

This system has a few positive aspects, such as more time for other stuff, more time to solve other problems and more time, and has one heavy negative one: If you believe in Murphy's law (and actually you do) you will forget the most important thing(s). THC-X will fill repair this lack and ensure a good distribution.

What's the idea?

I really don't have an intelligent one.


A certain group of the 22C3-visitors needs our help. And it's our mission to build up an emergency system quickly which ensures the distribution of stuff that the one or the other maybe needs. Please help to discuss solutions for this problem until the deadline (29.12. /13:00 Berlin).

yeah, i honestly would appreciate to talk to sb who feels responsible for poor people all over the congress. maybe write here a time&&place where to meet?

-> trade for beer -> 2155

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