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We plan to have fun hacking gtkpod, iPodLinux and other similar iPod-related stuff.

We have two seats almost at the end of the Hackcenter; there's a blinking LCD thingie hanging on the wall near us. If you're standing before the rooms A06/A05 (there are some TVs there), just turn around and go to the other side of the room until you hit a wall.

Bring your iPod and join us for some fun hacking.

bb on the iPod

We have ported Aalib (a portable ASCII art graphics library) and bb (a portable text-mode demo with sound support) to the iPod.

The port is not yet fully functional, there are some issues with the display/LCD, it seems.

Read the respective pages on the iPodLinux wiki for detailed installation HOWTOs (Debian specific at the moment).


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