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Say what?

We're a bunch of event-trotting Mac users and your one-stop solution for any Mac related problems or questions you might have :). You can find us at the HackCenter.

The AquaVille concept was created during the summer of 2005 at WhatTheHack! when a bunch of like-minded Mac users decided to set up a village - AquaVille - together. By the end of the camp we'd decided we should make this a reoccuring event, hence our presence at 22C3.

Some photos can be found here, here and here.

What will we be doing?

  • Provide support for people with Mac related questions/issues
  • Give a Dashboard Widget programming hands-on session (if you're interested in Ajax you might want to drop by since it's quite related)
  • Showing how to get an iPaq running Familiar Linux to talk to your Mac
  • Helping you get those gazillions of wonderful Linux tools going on your Mac (Darwinports and Fink baby!)
  • Get working on a good design for our site


  • 1 5-port 100mb switch (CraHan) & 1 8-port 100mb switch (okkie)
  • 1 powerbrick width 4 grounded and 4 ungrouded sockets (CraHan)
  • 1 iSight (CraHan)

Oh yeah, and...

...if you're one of those lucky people who're able to run Aperture on your Mac hardware, please come demo it to CraHan.

Scheduled for arrival/departure

  • AllanB (26th - 30th) - gone
  • blkhawk (26th-30th) - all alone in the HC
  • CraHan (26th - 31st) - gone
  • kingmob (26th - 31st) - arrived
  • NakedCellist (27th - 30th)
  • okkie has arived

First aid for Macs too

If you have some problems with your Mac. Come over and we'll try to help you. I (okkie) will take apple repair manuals with me. Manuals Can also be found Here @

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