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Dance Dance Revolution


Last year there was quite a crowd at the Dance Dance Revolution pads which were set up spontaneously. Because it was a lot of fun and some motion between hacking and lectures surely won't do any harm, we thought: Let's do this again this year. :)


We will be located at a02 in Hackcenter 1
map of Level A


Up to now we've got:

  • 1 laptop (with Stepmania and some hundred songs)
  • 1 part time laptop (thx muelli)
  • 2 softpads (1 not working with my adapter)
  • 1 EMS USB adapter (2 ports)

Not yet guaranteed:

  • 2 metal pads
  • 2 Playstations
  • TV (broken internal speakers, need external)
  • 2 adapter
  • laptop (weidi?)

We're still lacking:

  • television screens (for the Playstations)
  • video projectors (so that not everybody has to crowd in front of the small screens)
  • computer and monitor if we can't get any TV screens
  • additional pads
  • additional adapters

Where can i get ...


You can get Dance Pads sometimes in a Media Markt or Toys R Us. There are also several online shops offering pads (unsorted list of shops i know):
Lik Sang (also shipping from europe)
Play Asia
Futuremax (specialised in DDR products)


Check out the stores listed above. Make sure the adapter is capable of mapping buttons not only axes and is capable of using several buttons at the same time (or you want be able to do combinations of up/down,left/up, ...). If you are playing on a Playstation or own a Pad with USB connector there is no need for an adapter. You can find a list of adapters with compatibility report at http://www.stepmania.com/stepmania/mediawiki.php?title=USB_Adapters


Stepmania is open source software running on Windows/Linux/Mac and can be found at http://www.stepmania.com or https://sourceforge.net/projects/stepmania/
PyDance cant say anything on this due to the fact that that i never tried it.
Playstation owners can get the original games by Konami


You can buy the original Playstation releases. If you lost your disc and cant find you backup check out your favorite P2P network or the DDRUK Download Section. If there are still any problems finding songs dont hesitate to contact me.


Simply talk to User:Poldi.

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