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This year the PBX4Linux has become stable and provides good quality ISDN gatewaying. The features include hardware PCM, fast software bridging, and even E1 support for many phone lines. VoIP still lacks in quality and SIP protocol. The delay is high and the audio processing poor.

May mails I received have show, that users want to communicate via VoIP and likt to have integration into their ISDN system. (Phone and ISDN line) Others like to use VoIP as a transport to interconnect facilities of their companies.

Many people support Asterisk because of the features it provides. In my opinion, many of them use Asterisk to gateway VoIP and ISDN/Pots.

Therefore I discussed with some people to turn the PBX4Linux into a VoIP and ISDN router with Asterisk channel interface:

  • PBX4Linux will become a router, without any features, execpt for routing.
  • PBX4Linux can still be compiled with it's features it has today, but this is not required.
  • Asterisk channel interfaces would turn the router into a channel driver. Protocol specific informations can be routed directly, like billing information. Fundamental call contol is done by Asterisk.
  • Audio processing is completely done by the router. Later even RTP will be moved into kernel space to reduce delay to increase the quality of a call.

This year we will discuss the further work of this project.

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