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Too narrow fixed width pages

As I currently have no better idea on where to throw bug reports, here goes:

The wiki pages are too narrow. One can observe this by logging in, then selecting "beobachten" on any page. The page will now give you the "nicht mehr beobachten" option, which finally exceeds the width of the entire page.

This should be fixable by extending skins/common/images/22C3_wiki_header.gif. The downside to this is that then a display with a width of more than 800px would be required to avoid horizontal scrolling. The other obvious solution is lowering the font size of the article "tabs".

Sorry for my bad English!


A possible solution

I'm working on a solution already, targeting on making the pages variable-width again. This isn't too easy because of the page structure in Monobook based templates. I've got some problems with positioning at different font sizes. However, I think this can be fixed. At the moment there's a VOM in #22c3, I'll try to talk to someone responsible afterwards. --Scytale 22:01, 21 November 2005 (CET)

MattisManzel 22:36, 21 November 2005 (CET): Great, thanks for fixing it. As not knowing where else to put: the wiki-forum is a page for such only temporarily interesting contents. The old stuff vanishes downwards. Would be very useful if we could distinguish stuff that's more temporary and the longer interesting stuff, at least somehow. :) Great!

I'll do my best to develop the courage to put a link to the wiki-forum right on the main page, it could (maybe should) even be in the sidebar (that's easy to change, you need admin-rights).

Scytale 02:18, 22 November 2005 (CET): As it seems, the persons responsible do want to cooperate with me. I've offered my help but was ignored. Now I've created a really ugly rewriting-proxy construction to be able to change the stylesheet of the live page and started working on the problem. It looks promising, I will continue tomorrow. Concerning the WikiForum: I don't think there is a need for such things, as the Talk: pages seem to work very well for those kinds of communication.

Scytale 10:40, 24 November 2005 (CET): A short update on this. User:fukami told me that the people who created the Fairydust skin (and made it fixed-width) are already working on a version with variable width. I therefore stop wasting my time on it and hope they will get it finished soon.

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