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Weather Information

Weather Information from Airport B-Schoenefeld (human readable, including warnings, if any) can be found right here. Warnings are available in german language only - sorry.

Translation of warnings

Scheisse, so viel Schnee!

Thursday 2000L -> Friday 0900L

Official warning of snowfall and snowdrifts for Berlin

Valid from Thursday 29.12.05 2000L to Friday 30.12.05 0900L

Until early Friday still less snowfall from 2-6 cm; with that, danger of snowdrifts due to wind gusts of 55 km/h (Beaufort 7) from the southwest.

Advice of possible dangers:

Avoid driving! (no shit, Sherlock! -- Ed.)

Thursday till 08:00 PM

Danger becaouse of snowbanks (We've got 2 to 7 cm fresh snow) Squalls with a speed up to 60 km/s (37 mp/h)

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