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Wouldn't it be cool if you could instantly know whether someone of the project you have a question about is attending the 22C3? Well, with this list it's possible.

Every Wiki user puts one or more categories of the projects, organisations or groups he is a part of on his user page. Now if anybody is searching for some, say, Linux kernel developer, he can just click his way through this list to the Category:Linux kernel developer and find their user pages instantly!

How do I take part?

You might want to read Meta: Help:Category.

Short story

Put a category link to all organisations you are part of at the end of your user page. For me, this would be [[Category:CCC member|Scytale]] and [[Category:Chaostreff Mannheim|Scytale]]. The lists are sorted by the words following the pipe.

If the group you belong to doesn't have a category yet, simply put the link onto your user page nevertheless. After saving, it will show up in red, meaning "no category page existing". Click the red link and you will be able to enter some text describing what your category is about, where to find more information about a project etc.

All these categories need to be subcategories of Organisation. For example, "Linux kernel developer" could be a subcategory of "Linux", and "Linux" a subcategory of "Organisation". If this "more general" category doesn't exist yet, please create it. Remember that this is a 1:n relation, so the Linux kernel developers could also be in a category "penguin fetishists" or the like.

If you think there is no more level of generality, then add the category to Organisation by placing a link like [[Category:Organisation|Linux]] in the category page.

If you have any further questions, look at the already existing categories or talk to Scytale.


Feel free to think about a possible place in the hierarchy for your organisation (OOP knowledge may help ;) and add it.


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