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You can create art & beauty on a computer.

bcc level B
bcc level B

Art & Beauty is the central area (B01) at the ground floor of 22C3. It houses a list of interesting projects devoted to doing creative things with technology and is the central relaxation point of the Congress. You also find the catering facilities here along with good music day in day out. Furthermore you can buy congress shirts, pullover, jackets, poster and so on.

The VISUAL BERLIN association is responsible for sound and visuals at the 22c3 art&beauty area, in company with, and supported by the jfe.kleinmachnow. VISUAL BERLIN is a community of local video artists and VJs that gets involved with cooperative projects and mutual exchange with the local and international visualist scene and deals with the technological and cultural aspects of video art. In the course of organizing the 22c3 cultural program in the evenings, VISUAL BERLIN will present harmonic showcases of different audio- and video-artists - visual jam sessions during the day along with collaboration and communication. During the whole time there will be musical output from several DJs and Open Source Netlabels. Furthermore VISUAL BERLIN will organize the audiovisual program of the 22C3 Aftershowparty on the last day at the C-base.

If you want to participate or have any questions, please contact ST.

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