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As it was with WhatTheHack!, it'd be great to get some of the audio/video recordings transcribed to text.


Transcriptions are not subtitles. Although they mostly share the same text, a transcription has no time information and does have paragraphs. This means that for those videos that are subtitled as well as transcribed, there is some amount of duplicate effort. I think that both are important enough to spend this much time on.

A transcription is not a 100% accurate representation of what is said. Spoken text and written text do not entirely follow the same rules. This too is where subtitles and transcriptions differ. The first sentence of the (WTH) opening keynote is a good example of how these differ. Originally, Newby's words are: "Good morning; good morning and welcome; welcome to What The Hack.", but all that's left in the transcription is: "Good morning and welcome to What The Hack.".

Some elements typical to subtitles, you will find here. They are LAUGHTER and APPLAUSE. You can use these while reading to confirm that you're laughing and clapping at the right moments ;)


Day Room Topic Speaker(s) Person doing it Status Draft
1 1 Example Rob, Frank YOU! 10%
1 1 We Lost the War Rop Gonggrijp, Frank Rieger Scytale, help appreciated 10% in this Wiki
3 1 Sicherheit vs. Überwachung Jens Ohlig,padeluun,Andy Müller-Maguhn,Frank Rosengart apoc 10% here
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