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Lightning Talks are concept which was introduced at 21C3. Lightning Talks are 5-minute talks by various people combined in a set of 10 talks in one hour.

There will be three slots of one hour for Lightning Talks each day. This makes for 40 interesting tiny talks on cool stuff during 22C3 in total. Here we are only plan Ligtning Talks for 3 days (day 1, 2 and 4), for the third day we are planning the talks directly when the congress has started.

If you want to give a Lightning Talk at 22C3 go ahead and enter your offer below. Please state:

  • the exact title of your talk
  • the language your talk will be held in
  • your name (make a link to your user page with contact information as we might have to get back to you)
  • a short description (use full sentences, no keywords)

If more than ten people apply for each day the 22C3 Content Team will select the talks from the list. So please think about giving an accurate description on what you are going to talk about.

See also: Workshops


Day 1: December 27, 16:00h–17:00h

Number Title Language Speaker(s) Description
1 CongressRadio English Link in English Oliver from CongressRadio The CongressRadio is not broadcasting via a local FM-Radiostation this year, but it is podcasting! In our presentation we will introduce the CongressRadio, tell a little bit about upcoming Podcasts and - more important - how to join us and publish a Podcast too.
2 Hacking for the Revolution Deutsch Link in German Prometoys Hacking for the Revolution is a working title for a meeting. The idea is to bring people together, who are interest in technologies and changing society progressively. This meeting should be organized and realized in grassroot-style. Maybe we can motivate interest people with this talk to come together and brainstorm and plan this meeting.
3 python-wireless English Link in English romanofski python-wireless is a library implemented in python to provide low-level access to your WIFI card. It supports reading device settings and scanning for access points.
4 CoreWars Project Deutsch Link in German Christian We will announce our corewars project coming up in the hackcenter of the 22C3. There will be some corewar tournaments, too.
5 .berlin and other Top Level Domains for Cities English Link in English Dirk Krischenowski Cities and metropolises are communities by nature. We will present how to enable the urban community's identity on the Internet by an own top level domain.
6 How to build your own RFID-Zapper
German Link in German
on request also English (please, oh please! --Nikolaj Nyholm -- We'll do our very best: Link in English
MiniMe, Mahajivana We show how easily an RFID-Zapper to kill RFID tags is build using a single-use camera and a coil for induction.
7 Full-lifecycle Videoediting with FS German Link in German
on request also English (please this one too --Nikolaj Nyholm
Mark Washeim We are planning a realtime video-editing solution from camcorder through the mixer until streaming. Realised in Free Software. Interested?
9 k.o.c.m.o.c. English Link in English Hauke Heerten kaleidoscopic observer collected marvels orchid computer - a long term project towards a synthetic, collective, open gallery of ancestors
10 python coding contest English Link in English Simon Hengel Coding contests are much fun, programming in python is even more fun. So why not combine those two things? We are doing a python coding contest that is coincidentally held during the 22c3.

Day 2: December 28, 16:00h–17:00h

Number Title Language Speaker(s) Description
1 and ChaosVPNs networked chaos English Link in English postponed for 23C3 A few sentences about which VPN projects exist out there, the point of it (scary routing) and - most importantly - how and where to find us to get more information.
2 The super-ting-tool: Land ho! English Link in English MattisManzel It's all there right in front of us on the table: wiki, collab-editor, VoIP. It's time to hack a super-ting-tool.
3 Open-Source and Pandemic Influenza English Link in English Florian Burckhardt Code-sharing as a universal strategy to optimize code in both, cyberspace and meatspace. I would like to spotlight what Open-Source software, pandemic influenza and multi-resistant superbugs have in common.
4 Jabber on mobile devices and beyond English Link in English Jens Ohlig A new project to take Jabber to the road. You get a chance to participate.
5 Poststructured journalism English Link in English Philipp Drössler An overview on how journalistic work methods can be adapted to modern, unorganized forms of media creation, and the chances these new forms bring.
6 mutt next generation English Link in English Andreas Krennmair, Nico Golde?, Rocco Rutte? mutt next generation (mutt-ng) is a fork of the console email client mutt. Currently, we're working on a redesign/rewrite to be able to implement unit testing, to decouple UI, mailbox handling and the glue logic in between and to prepare it for future changes. The talk is supposed to give some quick insight on the current progress.
7 wmii[1] status report English Link in English Anselm R. Garbe window manager improved 2 is a X11 window manager which provides dynamic window management through layouts and dynamic access/configuration through a 9P interface. The talk is supposed to give a quickstart to wmii and to present the status of it.
8 Free certificates from CAcert English Link in English Philipp Gühring A short introduction, how you can get your own free certificates for SSL, S/Mime, X.509 and OpenPGP.

Day 3: December 29, 16:00h–17:00h

Number Title Language Speaker(s) Description
n/a The Example Lightning Talk English Link in English J. Random Hacker This is just a example entry to give you an idea how to write down your lightning talk here. Please be as explicit as possible and leave this example intact. Make sure the moderator's name is linked and the linked page provides contact information. If you want to provide more information on your talk, make a link out of your title and provide the information on a new page. Use this entry to summarize the talk in a couple of short sentences.
1 Off-the-Record Messaging: An Introduction English Link in English Russell O'Connor OTR is a plug in for instant messengers that adds encryption and authentication to your IM conversations. But unlike other crypto plug-ins, OTR provides plausible deniability and perfect forward secrecy. Plausible deniability means the recipient can verify the sender wrote a message, but cannot prove this to a third party. Perfect forward secrecy means that the encryption cannot be compromised even if you later lose control of your keys. This short talk will introduce OTR and why you want to use it.
2 ZFS: The new Filesystem from Sun English Link in English or Deutch Link in German Jens Kühnel ZFS is the new Filesystem introduced in OpenSolaris. After 2 days playing around it looks real nice. I will make a short introduction, about what I learned so far. The ZFS is like a LVM, but with some new ideas.
3 [2]: Dying Giraffe Recordings, the non evil cc based recording label English Link in English Christian Tan With DGR we are trying to setup a non evil recording label, fair for both the artists and the music lover, using the creative commons license.
4 Open-Source Databases for Data Mining English Link in English Peter Eisentraut A tongue-in-cheek glance at how recent developments in open-source database management systems can help the governments of today with their data-mining and profiling needs.
5 Hacking the Law Deutsch Link in German huebi Am Beispiel eines alten Postgolfes wird gezeigt, wie Wardriven durch die Anwendung anderer Gesetze ganz legal, und durch unseren Staat auch noch ausgiebig gefoerdert wird. Durch die Verwendung anderer Termini - "Wardriven" wird durch "Vermessen und Kartographieren von Funknetzwerken" ersetzt, sowie durch die kreative Anwendung selten genutzter Gesetze erscheint der Einsatz des Fahrzeuges als absolut notwendig und zu 100% legal.
6 locat0r - a geo jabber service English Link in English or Deutsch Link in German Sam locat0r is and will be a simple Jabber-Bot, which takes a geographical info (latitude/longitude) of the user status info if s/he provides some. Then locat0r shows it on a Google maps overlay. It is a small coding exercise which combines different languages: It is written in Perl and uses for the output the (AJAX) Google Maps API.
7 Zimbra - Webbased EMail with AJAX Deutsch Link in German Darkman Zimbra ist ein Webmailframework mit AJAX Unterstuetzung. Es stellt quasi einen perfekten Webmail Clienten dar der Features aehnlich Outlook bietet.
8 py.execnet - ad hoc networking English Link in English holger py.execnet allows ad-hoc networks via ssh or other connection methods. No need to define interfaces or start servers before head. There will be interactice examples and super-fast introduction into a new simple model for distributing programs (fragements) across the net.
9 Information Technology @ Peace Research Village Tamera in Portugal in the middle of nowhere English Link in English raphael Tamera is a Research Settlement/Community in Portugal - developing new forms of living and a new worldwide peace-culture and is looking for people who like to support the build-up of the it-infrastructure and experience a new culture lifestyle! this talk will give a short overview of the project and the state of the it-infrastructure.

Day 4: December 30, 16:00h–17:00h

Number Title Language Speaker(s) Description
1 Flyer Soziotopien Deutsch Link in German Mike Riemel Die Sammlung mehrerer hunderttausend Flyers (kultureller Indizien), deren Ausstellung, Archivierung und Verschlagwortung ist die Aufgabe des Projekts. Fly high...with: [
2 MediaWiki im Unterricht Deutsch Link in German Irrlicht Der Vortrag thematisiert Erfahrungen, die im Rahmen des universitären Unterrichts im Ungang mit der Software gemacht wurden und stellt Überlegungen an, welche Bedingungen gegeben sein müssen, diese effektiv einzusetzen.
3 Deutsch Link in German/English Link in English Spacemenn The Talk should show where are possibilities to save power while using a PC, while being in the web, while running servers and more. We will present and introduce the project here. should be the wiki for informations about energy-saving and green-power-use in the IT-environment.

5 GPG for SMS Deutsch Link in German/English Link in English Oliver Leistert Kick off for brainstorming and hopefully more afterwards about a GPG application on mobiles, providing gpg-encrypted SMS.
6 Anomalous behaviour of an IRC eggdrop bot - the example of Susilein English Link in English ramses After installing the eggdrop bot 'Susilein' on the IRCNet channel #saphis-ecke we decided to provide a 'brain' script for this bot. This script logs everything that is said on the channel and chooses an expression from its database randomly from time to time to post it into the channel. After some time we observed some 'intelligent' behaviour of Susilein. The random sentences the bot chooses often refer to things human users say on the channel. Now the bot seems to be able to 'communicate' with human chatters in an intelligent way. In this lightning talk I want to discuss this phenomenon, give some examples of Susilein's 'intelligent' behaviour and discuss possible explanations for the phenomenon.
7 NSA wiretap investigation English Link in English John Gilmore Brief notes on what seems to be happening with the super classified NSA interception of American citizens' phone calls and Internet traffic that goes outside the US.
8 The Kernel Accelerator Device English Link in English Ludwig Jaffe Brief report about project state, and seed for Discussion about features

and applications. The KAD needs discussion, because our aim is a working prototype of KAD from start. Redesigns are too expensive to allow for mistakes. Ideas, last minute Requirements are welcome, as the concept will be frozen very soon.

9 9P distributed file system English Link in English uriel 9P was originally created for Plan 9 to allow the transparent distribution of all kinds of resources over a simple protocol based on the classic Unix file interface(open/read/write/...). Since then it has been used in a variety of systems and environments.
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